Institute of Nursing Education complies with following objectives.

    1. To facilitate quality nursing education by keeping pace with newer educational and science technology.
    2. To impart inspiration into the nursing students through motivation of faculties.
    3. To provide a quality learning experience by following continuity, sequence and integration.
    4. To integrate classroom teaching with clinical experience through live experiences.
    5. To enable the students to provide quality nursing care through assessment of health status, identification of nursing needs, plan, implement and evaluate nursing care for patients / clients that contribute to health of individuals, families and communities.
    6. To inculcate skills in communication and interpersonal relationship in students and faculties.
    7. To improve leadership qualities and decision-making abilities in various situations..
    8. To enhance studentís interest in continued learning for personal and professional advancement..
    9. To impart skills in conducting nursing research, interpreting and utilizing the findings from health related research.
    10. To infuse ethical values in their personal and professional life.