SWA established in INE in 1987. SWA at INE is registered under the societies registration act (1860) & its Registration number is - 1887 G.B.B.S.D.
Student Welfare Association itself denotes its meaning which is for the welfare & benefits for the students. It boosts up students hidden talents & motivates their innovative ideas. It gives full-fledged experience regarding organizing & managing of various cultural as well as academic programmes. It provides platform to all students to show their eternal potentialities. It helps to develop leadership quality in students.

  1. To welfare & recreate the students.
  2. To enhance & explore the hidden talents in students.
  3. To impart the dimensional development of the student for organizing & managing programmes.

SWA Committees:

  1. Cultural committee
  2. Sports committee
  3. Mess committee
  4. Health committee
  5. Discipline committee

All SWA members & Committee members are elected by the students every year other than the Director & Advisor.
SWA Finance:

  1. Every year Teachers are contributed Rs.600 as a SWA fund.
  2. Each Students are funded 100 Rs./month.
  3. Also voluntary donors are funded like previous students.
  4. SWA is having their own joint Account with the name of Director of SWA & Senior Treasurer of SWA which is managed by students only.

SWA Members (2013-2014):

Designation Name of the Members
Director Prof. Mrs. Meena Sonavane 
Principle of the INE
Advisor Mrs. Regina Dias
Lecturer INE
President  Mrs. Vishranti Giri
Final Year M. Sc. Nsg INE
Senior General Secretary Ms. Deepali Deshmukh
Final Year P.B.Bsc.Nsg INE
Junior General Secretary Mrs. Sapana Kakade
Ist Year P.B.Bsc.Nsg INE
Deputy Secretary Mrs. Mangaonkar Priya
Final year P.B. B.Sc. Nursing, INE
Senior Treasurer Mrs. Patil Rupali
Final Year P.B.Bsc.Nsg INE
Junior Treasurer Mrs. Bendre Suvarna
Ist Year M.Sc.Nsg INE