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Prof. Mrs. Meena B. Sonavane, Principal, Institute of Nursing Education, Mumbai and a group of 22 Post graduates of the Institute of Nursing Education organized the Alumnae Association in September 2014. They hoped that an active alumnae group would provide for the continuation of the same pioneering spirit that was so dominant in the Institute.
The purpose of the Association is the promotion of unity and good feeling among the alumnae, and the advancement of the interest of the profession of Nursing. A strong independent body, the INE Alumni Association has from its inception fostered a tenacious loyalty and a deep commitment to the Institute of Nursing Education.
The alumni support remains a critical factor in the success of the Institute of Nursing Education. They are visible in all areas of health care delivery, including local, state, national, international, governmental agencies and private and public health care systems. Our alumni can also be counted among those who will take risks, work with difficult populations, and advocate practice changes as a result of research and creative thinking.
Whether in a local, district, national or within the international health care arena, our alumni are all working toward the same goal i.e. better health care for all.
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